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As the number of active Internet marketers continues to grow by leaps and bounds, so does the need for easy-to-use and reliable Web-based resources that offer the information, tools, and services needed to help promote and grow their various Internet business ventures.  So, regardless if you’re a novice Internet entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, you’re always searching for the very best tips, solutions, strategies, and training aids available.

Currently, an enterprising Internet marketer either uses several different websites for their marketing tools and resources, or they’ve signed up to use one of the popular “all-in-one” affiliate resource websites for their needs.  This review will take a look at one of the most popular (if not the most popular) Internet marketing websites on the web today, Wealthy Affiliate University (WA).

If Wealthy Affiliate University had to be summed up in a single word, it would be “comprehensive.” There’s such a “wealth” of information, training aids, tools, and other useful features to be found here that new members often report being overwhelmed by all of the material available.  For a monthly fee that’s less than the daily cost of a coffee drink, you as a WA member can enjoy all the privileges of being part of an exclusive and private, yet large and welcoming online community whose sole purpose is to provide you with the necessary tools to succeed in your Internet marketing business.

If it can help you build a website, create a new online revenue stream, or teach you the Internet marketing tips and tricks used by the pros, you’ll find it at Wealthy Affiliate University.  Created and run by visionary Internet entrepreneurs Kyle and Carson, WA is truly the ultimate “one-stop” shop for all things affiliate marketing.  So if you’re willing to shell out forty bucks a month for the single largest collection of Internet marketing tools to be found in one place, WA is definitely an option to consider.


With well-organized and easy-to-navigate submenus, links, and tabs, browsing through the various web pages and apps in Wealthy Affiliate University is simple and straightforward.  And considering the enormous amount of Internet marketing material you’ll find here, you’ll probably be browsing for hours on end.  Simply put, everything you need to create a thriving online business resides right here.

The hefty and ever-growing list of features, resources, and training tools packed into this one website has to be seen to be believed.  Membership at Wealthy Affiliate University truly has its privileges, and they include:

  • Web hosting services free of charge
  • Free website builder (Site Rubix)
  • LIVE chat with other WA members 24/7
  • LIVE weekly webinars (called WAbinars at Wealthy Affiliate University)
  • Free, regularly updated keyword tools and lists
  • Paid commissions for referrals
  • Free Job board
  • Free online marketing tools and apps
  • Personal blog
  • Personal space to create a profile page and follow other member’s activities
  • Numerous Internet marketing tutorials
  • Active, private discussion forums

Although each unique feature offered by Wealthy Affiliate University can be invaluable to growing your online business, the private forums are often touted by WA members to be worth the cost of membership alone.  In fact, veteran members of WA will often advise you as a new user to start at the forums, and go from there.  Once there, you can follow hot and trending Internet marketing topics, get advice from seasoned pros, read other online entrepreneur’s success stories, and rub elbows with real life IM millionaires. You’ll find the discussion forums are well-organized by date and topic, and it’s a snap to view, reply to, or start a thread.

So no matter if you’re merely dabbling in Internet marketing, or looking to become the next in a long line of $500-a-day Internet entrepreneurs, Wealthy Affiliate University can definitely help you get there.

Important note:  As of May 1st of this year, Wealthy Affiliate University is offering free (albeit sponsored by an existing member), 10-day trial memberships to any individual with an active Facebook account. So if you’re truly serious about getting ahead in the IM industry, now is the perfect time to try out Wealthy Affiliate University for yourself.

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